Wholesale Customized Fashion Recyclable Shopping Cotton Bag Tote Can Be Printed Patterns Daily Pure Cotton Bag,Tote bag,Cotton tote bags
Cotton tote bags

Wholesale Customized Fashion Recyclable Shopping Cotton Bag Tote Can Be Printed Patterns Daily Pure Cotton Bag

Item No.: CO00388
This cotton multifunctional tote bag is a stylish, practical, and environmentally friendly tote bag, This tote bag is made of high-quality pure cotton fabric, which is not only soft and comfortable but also has good air permeability.
Description Review
This pure cotton tote bag can meet your needs in many ways!
First of all, the design of this handbag is very fashionable, with simple lines and generous color matching, whether it is used for shopping or daily travel, you can show your taste and style. Moreover, the size of this handbag is moderate, and it can accommodate a variety of items, whether it is food and clothing that need to be carried when shopping, or laptops and books that need to be carried on daily travel, it can be easily loaded.

We can support you in choosing any design you want to print on the cotton tote bag.
To meet the needs of different consumers, we provide customized services. You can choose your color, pattern, and size to create your personalized tote bag. Our customized services are designed to make your shopping experience unique. Whether you prefer simple black-and-white tones or vibrant color combinations, we can meet your requirements. You can choose a classic solid color design, or you can add stylish pattern elements to make your tote unique. In addition to colors and patterns, we also offer a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Whether you need to carry small items or need a large-capacity shopping bag, we have the right size for you. Our customized service ensures that your tote bag is perfectly suited to your actual needs.

Actively comply with the concept of environmental protection and reduce environmental pollution.
This tote bag is made of 100% cotton fabric, which has many advantages. First, it has good hygroscopic and breathable properties, which means you can use it on hot summer days or in humid environments without worrying about damage to your belongings. In addition, pure cotton is also more environmentally friendly because it can be reused rather than discarded like single-use plastic bags. This way, you can reduce your impact on the environment and contribute to the planet. In short, this tote bag is not only practical and comfortable but also environmentally friendly, which is ideal for people’s daily lives.

Product details and dimensions.
customized reusable Printing tote bag :
•       Main material: cotton
•       Material: 100% cotton
•       Origin: Chinese Mainland
•       Province: Fujian
•       City: Xiamen
•       Popular elements: colorful
•       Color classification: all colors can be customized
•       Collapsible: Yes
•       Applicable scenarios: available in shopping, traveling, food market, and camping
•       Applicable to the public
•       Size: all sizes can be customized
•       Normal size :44cm×8.5cm×30cm
•       MOQ:500 PCS
•       Manual: Yes
•       Gender: female
•       Trademark: customized


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