CUSTOM ART-Custom bags instructions
Customized canvas bag with logo or picture
Custom bags instructions
Custom bags instructions

What are the precautions for processing customized bags?

1. Reliable manufacturer of customized processing bags

In the Internet era, looking for manufacturers is not limited to local manufacturers. Searching for relevant words on the Internet can bring up manufacturer information. With this information, we should learn to distinguish between true and false, and find reliable manufacturers with strength. We should know that each manufacturer has different production strengths, different starting quantities, and different quotations. It is better to find manufacturers with larger scales and better reputations for luggage processing and customization, Only in this way can produce quality and delivery time be guaranteed.

2. The price of customized bags is proportional to the quality

The price of customized bags is directly proportional to the quality of goods. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the price, the quality of customized bags should also be strictly controlled. Never choose manufacturers with very low quotations for the sake of low prices. The quality of customized bags produced in this way is absolutely unqualified. You should know that if you want to make a Student bag of outstanding quality, the price will not be too low. In addition, if you meet the budget, you can process and customize the best healthy, environmentally friendly, breathable, and harmless fabric, and use a decompression and ridge protection design and a scientific backpack system to enhance the practicality and durability of the bag.

Classification of customized bags

1. By style: handbag, shoulder bag, diagonal backpack, handbag, wallet, backpack, etc

2. By function: briefcase, computer bag, camera bag, medical bag, travel bag, cosmetic case, etc

3. According to the material: leather bags, Pu bags, PVC bags, canvas bags, cloth bags, etc

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