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Printing technology of customized bag factory | The Instruction of  Digital Printing

Digital printing is printing using digital technology. Digital printing technology is a kind of high-tech integrating machinery, computer and electronic information technology gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology has brought a brand new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and methods have brought unprecedented development opportunities to textile printing and dyeing.

The working principle of digital printing is basically the same as that of inkjet printers. The process flow is mainly divided into three parts: fabric pretreatment, inkjet printing and post-printing treatment.

Digital printing bag skills

Our cotton canvas bags and pure cotton shopping bags also use the above process. Our digital printing is bright in color, washable, and does not fade. It is the most complicated process in the current digital printing technology, but the printing effect is the best.

The above is our company's digital printing canvas bag, a general introduction to the printing process, and will continue to update and share with you.

What is the difference between traditional digital printing bags and us


The traditional digital printing bag is easy to fade, cannot be washed, and maintenance is very troublesome. Therefore, the use time is greatly reduced. Not suitable for gift as promotional canvas bag.

The digital printing bags produced by our Xiamen Cameo custom canvas bag factory will not fade. They are easily washed and maintained.

Moreover, we all experienced violent washing tests in the quality inspection stage (the testers crazily brushed the digital printing canvas bag with a brush), and the test results did not fade.


Use of digital printing bag:

The digitally printed patterns are more bright and beautiful. Companies can customize digital printing bags with logos or patterns to advertise their companies, that is, digital printing promotional canvas bags.

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