Wholesale cotton dual-purpose bag |  All Purpose Bag
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Wholesale cotton dual-purpose bag |  All Purpose Bag

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Methods to judge the quality of cotton dual-use bags:

1. The quality of the pure cotton dual-use bag can be judged from the routing, thread ends, and stitching at the joint of the pure cotton dual-use bag.
Judgment: the tighter the thread is, the less the thread ends are, and the more complete the suture is, the better the quality is.
2. Judge by touching the handle of the cotton dual-purpose bag.
Judgment: those with smooth hand feel and no roughness belong to pure cotton dual-purpose bags with good quality.
Black cotton dual-purpose bag

Main materials of dual-purpose bags

Divided into: cloth, PU, and leather.
The material of the cloth is easy to judge, and the quality difference can be felt through the hand feeling; Leather is mainly made of leather and PU leather. At present, most bags are made of PU leather, that is, a layer of Pu is glued on the already thin layer of leather so that it feels good and has a good gloss. However, the tag still indicates the use of cow leather or sheepskin. This kind of fabric is good, feels similar to leather, is not as expensive as leather, is not easy to get dirty, and is durable.
Black large and small cotton dual-purpose bag

How to choose pure cotton dual-use bags:

1. Bright color pure cotton dual-use bag is the most beautiful

Wearing jeans and T-shirts or traditional dark suits, a bright orange, red or pink cotton dual-use bag can make you shine instantly.

2. Large capacity cotton dual-purpose bag is the most convenient

If the pocket of a dress is stuffed with things, it will give people a very messy and bad feeling. Although it is convenient to make a small cotton dual-use bag full, it will seriously affect its appearance. So if you have a lot of things to take out, the big cotton dual-use bag will be a good suggestion. You can hide your handbag in the big cotton dual-use bag, which is convenient and tidy.

3. Black and brown cotton dual-purpose bags are the most versatile

There is no time, energy, or capital to match different bags for your daily wear. Versatile black and brown cotton dual-use bags will be your best! Such collocation can not only set off the skin tone and color level but also make people refresh in some cases.

4. The dual-purpose bag is the most practical

It can be carried by hand or shoulder back. The dual-purpose bag can be changed at any time according to your needs or clothing collocation. It is most suitable for young girls to go shopping.

5. Selection of style and size of cotton dual-purpose bags

There are many styles of cotton dual-use bags, but each has his own favorite style, so everyone must have his own favorite style. Then, select the detail type. For example, whether the length and pattern of the belt of the cotton dual-use bag are suitable for you, whether the hardware of the cotton dual-use bag meets your own wishes, etc. Then choose the size of cotton dual-use bags.
Choosing a suitable cotton dual-use bag to match your shape can add a lot of points to your overall shape, but choosing the wrong cotton dual-use bag will not add color to your shape, but will make the shape look very unsuccessful. Therefore, while women pay attention to clothes, the collocation of pure cotton dual-use bags is also very important. Today I will tell you how to choose pure cotton dual-use bags suitable for your own style, hoping to provide some help for your daily collocation.
Pink large and small cotton dual-purpose bag
Green large and small cotton dual-purpose bag
Cotton dual-purpose bag zipper display
White large and small cotton dual-purpose bag

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