Thickened Polyester Insulated Lunch Bag, Simple And Large Capacity For Carrying Bento Bags When Going Out,Cool bag & Lunch bag,Lunch bags

Thickened Polyester Insulated Lunch Bag, Simple And Large Capacity For Carrying Bento Bags When Going Out

Item No.: CO00399
This multi-functional and environmentally friendly custom pattern lunch insulation bag is a high-quality insulation bag designed specifically for office workers and students, with excellent insulation performance.
Description Review
This insulated lunch bag will be a great helper for you when camping out!!!
This insulation lunch bag adopts advanced insulation technology, which can effectively isolate the influence of external temperature on food. Whether it's in cold winter or hot summer, you can confidently put your food in an insulated lunch bag, which will provide long-lasting insulation for your food. Not only that, this insulation lunch bag also has excellent sealing performance, which can prevent the taste of food from overflowing, allowing you to enjoy delicious food when dining out. In addition, it also has multiple functions such as waterproofing, wear resistance, etc., making your use more worry-free. It can meet the needs of office workers and students for delicious food in their busy lives, allowing you to enjoy hot and delicious food anytime, anywhere.

Maintain the temperature of the food to the greatest extent possible, allowing you to still enjoy the original deliciousness of the food.
This insulation lunch bag has excellent insulation performance, providing the best storage environment for your food, whether in cold winter or hot summer. It uses advanced insulation materials inside, which can effectively prevent heat loss and keep food temperature stable for a long time. In winter, when you need to go out, this insulated lunch bag can provide you with warm and delicious food. Whether you're going out with breakfast, preparing lunch, or even dinner, don't worry about the food getting cold. Simply put the food into an insulation lunch bag, it can provide long-lasting insulation for your food, allowing you to enjoy hot and delicious food anytime. In addition, this insulation bag also has the characteristics of being lightweight and easy to carry. Its design is compact, lightweight, and convenient for you to carry around. Whether it's for work, school, or travel, you can easily bring it with you, allowing you to enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere.

Strictly select fabric materials and support personalized pattern customization
This insulation lunch bag is made of environmentally friendly polyester material, which not only has excellent insulation performance but also has many other advantages. Firstly, it does not contain harmful substances and is harmless to the human body. This means you can use this insulated bag with confidence to carry your lunch without worrying about any impact it may have on your health. Secondly, this insulation lunch bag is environmentally friendly. The environmentally friendly polyester material it uses can be recycled and will not cause pollution to the environment. In addition, the design of this insulation lunch bag is also very user-friendly, both beautiful and practical. It has a stylish and elegant appearance, suitable for various occasions.We also have printing technology superior to other merchants, which can print the patterns you like while ensuring maximum wear resistance and waterproofing of the patterns.

More Description of goods
•       Material: polyester
•       Origin: Chinese Mainland
•       Province: Fujian
•       City: Xiamen
•       Popular elements: As per your requirements
•       Color classification: all colors can be customized
•       Collapsible: Yes
•       Applicable scenarios: available in travelling, and camping.
•       Applicable to the public
•       Size: all sizes can be customized
•       Normal size :9cm×27cm×22cm
•       MOQ:3000 PCS
•       Manual: Yes
•       Gender: all genders
•       Trademark: customized


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