Customized wholesale cowhide lunch bag insulatied bag is sturdy and environmentally friendly,Cool bag & Lunch bag,Lunch bags

Customized wholesale washable kraft lunch bag insulatied bag is durable and environmentally friendly

Item No.: CO00383
This insulated kraft paper bag is a high-quality product designed specifically to maintain the temperature of food and beverages. It is Durable, large capacity and portable,Suitable for going out to play, work, school, outdoor dinner and other occasions.
Description Review
The new customizable and wholesale kraft insulated lunch bags are on sale!!!
In terms of appearance, this insulated kraft lunch bag adopts a classic brown tone, simple and fashionable. The bag is of moderate size and can easily accommodate various foods and beverages. The sealing part of the bag adopts a magnet design to ensure that food and beverages do not leak out.In terms of insulation performance, this kraft paper bag adopts a double-layer structure inside, and the middle layer is filled with insulation material.

It is your best assistant for carrying food and keeping warm
Winter has arrived, are you still worried about food or hot drinks without bags to keep them warm?This new customizable and wholesale kraft insulated lunch bags Its design can effectively isolate the impact of external temperature on food and beverages, maintaining their original temperature. Both hot and cold drinks can maintain a suitable temperature for a long time.It is very convenient to use, just put the food or drink into the bag and seal the bag. Due to the lightweight and easy to carry material of the bag, you can enjoy your delicious meal and hot or cold drinks anytime, anywhere.

Zero environmental pollution, convenient resource recycling and utilization
Most importantly, you not only saved the trouble of not having a bag for food but also this kraft bag can be recycled after use, reducing the generation of plastic waste and contributing to protecting the Earth's environment. In short, this insulated and environmentally friendly kraft paper bag is a high-quality product that combines practicality, aesthetics, and environmental friendliness, and is worth having.

customized reusable cowhide insulated lunch bags

•       Material:kraft paper
•       Origin: Chinese Mainland
•       Province: Fujian
•       City: Xiamen
•       Popular elements: brown
•       Color classification: all colors can be customized
•       Collapsible: Yes
•       Applicable scenarios: available in shopping,travelling,and camping.
•       Applicable to: the public
•       Size: all sizes can be customized
•       Normal size :18cm×13cm×25cm
•       MOQ:3000 PCS
•       Manual: Yes
•       Gender:all genders
•       Trademark: customized

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