High-end washable waterproof custom design kraft paper bag Wine bag high-grade portable champagne bag tote bag,Canvas wine bag
Wine bag

High-end washable waterproof custom design kraft paper bag Wine bag high-grade portable champagne bag tote bag

Item No.: CO00391
This high-end washable kraft paper bag is a gift bag specially designed for red wine, made of high-quality kraft paper material, with excellent waterproof and reinforcement functions. It is suitable for single or double wine packaging.
Description Review
Nordic-style brown paper wine tote bag, Make your eyes look new.
Problems on the market: wooden boxes and leather boxes are bulky, and the use of a single direction, can only be used for alcohol resulting in a waste of resources. Ordinary kraft paper bag is easy to tear when used carelessly! Washed kraft wine bags can avoid the above problems. Our high-end washable kraft paper bags are made of selected kraft paper materials that have been specially treated to give them excellent water resistance. Whether it is rainy or humid, your wine is perfectly protected. In addition, we have reinforced the bag to ensure that it can withstand a certain amount of pressure and weight, effectively preventing the wine from being damaged during transportation.

The combination of humanized design and simple style makes this wine tote bag more full of connotation.
In terms of design, the design of the wine bag is simple and stylish, using a classic brown tone, which complements the tone of the wine. The bags are printed with exquisite patterns and brand logos, highlighting quality and taste. Whether it is given to relatives and friends or as a business gift, it can show your intentions and taste. This wine bag uses a special waterproof process to effectively prevent water penetration and ensure that the quality of the wine is not damaged. At the same time, the reinforced design of the bag makes it more durable, able to withstand a certain amount of pressure and protects the wine from external damage. It ensures the safety and integrity of the wine, both during transportation and during storage.

Environmental protection has always been our main theme
This wine bag is a very environmentally friendly product, it is made of environmentally friendly materials. This material can not only effectively protect the red wine, but also has the characteristics of recycling. This means that when you no longer need to use this wine bag, you can recycle it and reuse it, thus reducing pollution to the environment. In addition, this wine bag is also in line with modern people's pursuit of an environmentally friendly life. With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more people begin to pay attention to whether their lifestyle hurts the environment. This wine bag is designed to meet this need. Not only does it provide you with excellent wine protection features, but it also allows you to enjoy your wine while contributing to the protection of the planet.

More details about the product, so that you more detailed understanding.
•       Material: kraft paper
•       Origin: Chinese Mainland
•       Province: Fujian
•       City: Xiamen
•       Popular elements: colorful
•       Color classification: all colors can be customized
•       Collapsible: Yes
•       Applicable scenarios: available in  Festivals, housewarming, and advertising promotions.
•       Applicable to the public
•       Size: all sizes can be customized
•       MOQ:500 PCS
•       Manual: Yes
•       Gender: All genders
•       Trademark: customized


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