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All digital printing tote bags customized by our factory are guaranteed not to fade and can be washed, which is absolutely the industry leader.
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1. Digital printing bags should be used in personalized gift market

China's gift market has reached 9.8 billion yuan, which has become a popular trend of gifts. Printing your own photos or favorite pictures, icons and words on your bags can get rid of the stereotyped faces of gifts and better reflect the value of gifts and the originality of gift givers.

2. Digital stamp bags should be used in the tourism souvenir industry

Tourism derivatives is a very good industry. Every tourist spot of landmark buildings needs to make its own souvenirs and sell them to tourists to make this trip meaningful. Then you can print famous paintings of landmark buildings, places of interest and museums on your bags and sell them. Digital printing is undoubtedly the best choice. Because digital printing can best restore the pattern.

3. Digital printing bags are used in personalized goods market

A considerable number of users in the current popular mobile phone and digital product markets are young and fashionable groups. Printing your own logo on these products is the best expression of individuality. Some carry on items, such as wallets, backpacks, handbags and so on, are also a good way for these users to reflect their personality?

4. Digital printing bags are applied to personalized image consumer goods market

With the rapid development of digital image, people are no longer limited to printing their own photos on photographic paper. Universal digital printing system can print any image on canvas bag. The effect and impression of products printed on different materials are different. People can print their photos on different materials, which enriches the expression forms and effects of photos.

5. Digital stamp bags should be used in the peripheral product markets of movies, games, animation and popular culture

The universal digital printing system can also conveniently print some pictures or popular elements such as movies, animation, hip-hop on the bag according to the popular trends.

6. Application of digital printing bags in advertising market

How to print high-quality patterns and logos on bags clearly can be considered by digital printing, because digital printing bags can show picture effects very clearly.

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Custom museum Tote Bag

All museum tote bags customized by our factory adopt the most advanced process and technology. The digital printing we do guarantees that they will not fade and can be washed, which is absolutely the industry leader.


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