canvas bags | natural digital printing cotton tote bag
Canvas handbags

canvas bags | natural digital printing cotton tote bag

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Wholesale natural digital printed cotton canvas bags | factory customized, high quality, and low price
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natural digital printing cotton tote bag:

Description natural digital printing cotton tote bag
Material Cotton
Size 35x3x45
MCQ 300pcs
Printing Artwork  Jet digital printing, Heat transfer printing, Sublimation printing, Silkscreen printing, and Embroidery is acceptable
Packing According to your request, we can provide hangtag, woven label, wash label service if you need, per piece put in a polybag 
Branded Cameo / if you customized with your logo is acceptable.
Payment Paypal for small orders.
T/T:EXW: 30% initial payment in advance
   FOB: Pay the balance before shipment
L/C: L/C amount more than 50,000USD, we can accept L/C at sight

The difference between cotton bags and canvas bags:

Cotton bag in a broad sense, the cloth woven from cotton is called a cotton bag. But in real life, we usually call cloth made of single yarn cotton. Cotton products are sweat absorbing, soft and breathable. In foreign trade activities, 6 ounces per square (1 ounce =28.35 grams) are called cotton. The cotton cloth can be coated. The coating can change the thickness of the cotton cloth and increase the waterproof effect. The difference between cotton and canvas handbag canvas canvas canvas is named for its initial use in sails. The canvas bag we usually refer to generally refers to the cotton canvas bag. Canvas bags are a kind of thick fabric.

The yarn of most specifications for weaving canvas bags is thicker than ordinary cotton yarn. Warp and weft yarns are composed of two or more strands, while cotton bags are mostly single-strand canvas. Generally, plain weave is used, and a small amount of twill weave is used. The pattern color on plain canvas is more bright, while the pattern on twill canvas is gray, with a fading feeling. Generally, we call cotton cloth of 8, 10, 12, and 14 ounces per square meter canvas, which is used to make handbags and shoes. Further up is a very thick canvas, which is generally used to make car tarpaulins and tents. Denim also belongs to a kind of canvas.

Are our cotton canvas bags environmentally friendly?

Cotton bags and canvas bags in the category of cloth bags can be called cotton bags, and they all belong to environmental protection bags. Its raw materials are all made of pure cotton, which is easy to fall in the natural environment and will not pollute the environment. However, they are also different, that is, the thickness of canvas bags is generally greater than cotton bags.
Cotton cloth: cotton cloth is a kind of woven fabric with cotton yarn as raw material. Different varieties are derived from different organizational specifications and different post-processing methods. The concept of cotton is very broad. It can be said that all fabrics made of raw materials made of cotton yarn can be called cotton. But when it comes to the scope of daily life, it is generally believed that cotton is woven from single strand, relatively fine cotton yarn, which is soft, hygroscopic, breathable, and warm. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle.

There is a wide range of cotton fabrics, including plain cloth, poplin, hemp yarn, twill, velour, corduroy, etc. Cotton cloth is a necessity in people's daily life. It is widely used in clothing, bedding, indoor supplies, interior decoration, packaging, medical treatment, military, and other aspects. Canvas is a kind of thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric, and the yarn of most specifications of the canvas is thicker than that of ordinary cotton.
Custom printed cotton canvas bag with logoCustom printed cotton tote bag with logo

Origin of cotton canvas bag:

As early as the 8th century, Europeans used it to make sails and got the name "canvas". At present, domestically, due to the relatively small amount of hemp raw materials, we generally believe that cotton is the raw material, so it can be said that canvas is also a kind of cotton in this broad category. The biggest difference between canvas and cotton is that the warp and weft yarns of the canvas are composed of two or more strands, while cotton is a mostly single strand. This leads to the rough appearance of canvas and the fine cotton cloth. In addition, the canvas is usually woven in plain weave, and twill weaving is rarely used, which also brings convenience to distinguish between canvas and cotton. Because canvas is woven with multi-strand threads, it is firm, wear-resistant, compact and thick, and has strong and good waterproof characteristics. Therefore, the canvas is widely used in cloth bags, clothing, footwear, automobile transportation, luggage, and other industries.
Two customized cotton canvas Drawstring Bags

Advantages of our factory-printed cotton tote bags

Printing process of printed cotton tote bag
Poly, cotton, or T/ C as lining fabric 
Selection of fabric and color of printed cotton tote bag
Cotton /Poly Webbing as handle
Selection of cloth for printed cotton canvas bag

Eco-friendly fabric, such as cotton, canvas, linen, hemp, RPET,non-woven, and so on.
Environmental friendly cloth for printed cotton canvas bag

Our main digital printing fabric as above


Printing process( printing workshop)

Printed cotton tote bag factory display

Hand Cutting                             
Printing and cutting of printed cotton canvas bag

Cutting by machine
Printing cotton canvas bag factory strength

Inspect & trim the printing panels
Canvas bag factory staff

Sewing  quality

Canvas bag factory employees are using sewing machines

Sewing workshop
Canvas bag factory staff
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Canvas Student Backpack
natural digital printing cotton tote bag

Our canvas bag factory participated in the Shanghai International Exhibition

Canvas bag factory | OUR COMPANY   

Who are we and what do we do
Xiamen Cameo Enterprise Co., Ltd has over ten years of bag experience. At present, we are committed to developing a variety of photo bag with different fabric, microfiber, and pure cotton canvas is the main fabric.
What are our printing technology advantages We can do digital printing not only on polyester fabric but also on pure cotton canvas fabric with a high definition effect?
At present, printing on cotton canvas with colorfastness and soft hand feel is the latest technology The second advantage is no quantity limited. This is a barrier to most factories.
What are our bag features:
Our bags are light and portable, soft and smooth, durable and eco-friendly, washable and no fade, and exquisite artistry.
What market are our bags used for Our products fit for tourism, wedding market, artistic creation market, photography market, Souvenirs, promotions giftware, home decoration, packaging field, and so on? And our product has been hot sale to all worldwide art museums.
What can we do for you to Accept OEM or ODM, and Ensure quality and delivery date? Keep good communication instantly.
Assist to deal with the product export program.
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