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Customized sustainable tote bag with logo - Xiamen Cameo

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Sustainable tote bags are very environmentally friendly bags, which can replace plastic bags to reduce environmental pollution.
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Customized sustainable tote bag with logo

The new epidemic in 2020 has brought a huge crisis to every enterprise. For any industry, the environment is a double-edged sword. Many enterprises think that the factors that are bad may be good factors in the eyes of other enterprises.

From an objective point of view, the epidemic is indeed a huge crisis, but it can also be seen that the crisis has redefined the market pattern. For enterprises that can take advantage of this pattern, the crisis is also a new opportunity.

This epidemic is a test for everyone, every enterprise, and the whole country. It is not only a test of response speed, but also a test of overall cooperation ability, internal immunity, and the ability to get rid of the crisis while developing in a balanced way.

Nowadays, environmental protection has become crucial, and people's awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger. Environmental protection has become one of the common actions and main tasks of governments and people all over the world.

Today, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. When using sustainable tote bags, more and more people slowly give up plastic bags and change to more environmentally friendly non-woven bags, canvas bags, and cotton bags.

Of course, canvas bags or cotton bags were not used most frequently long ago. Why? Canvas bags and cotton bags are outstanding environmental protection bags. Why are they not the most mainstream?

First of all, the production cost of these two kinds of bags is relatively high. The cost of bags of the same specification, canvas bags, and cotton bags is multiple times that of ordinary non-woven bags. Because of the price, many enterprises have to give up and choose non-woven bags with lower costs.

Another reason is that the previous printing technology is not mature, and the bags produced are not very beautiful whether canvas bags or cotton bags, which is also a major reason why they have not been widely used before.

Customized sustainable tote bag with logo

Then why are canvas bags and cotton bags becoming more and more popular nowadays?

This is because the current printing technology has become more and more mature, whether on canvas or cotton cloth can be printed with exquisite patterns. Also, more and more enterprises pay more attention to brand image and long-term advertising effects. canvas bags or cotton bags, which is a non-woven bags that can be taken out every minute, will enhance the corporate image and show a higher level.

In addition, the load-bearing capacity of ordinary non-woven bags is far less than that of canvas bags, which are usually discarded after several times use, and will not be used for a long time. However, cotton bags are different from canvas bags. They are new once they are dirty and washed. The load-bearing capacity is very good. Most people will use the LOGO for a long time as long as it is slightly refined.

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Customized sustainable tote bags with logo will be used as corporate gifts


Print the company logo, address

Telephone, QR code, and other company information,

Gifts to enterprise customers, with strong commemoration;

The canvas bag is beautiful and practical, green and environmentally friendly,

The advertising printing area is large and the use frequency is high,

Improve the cultural taste of enterprises, deepen the image of gift-giving enterprises,

It can awaken the good memory of the recipient,

Achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Customizing sustainable tote bags with enterprise information has many advantages for enterprises and is the best advertising gift. Therefore, more and more enterprises choose to customize canvas bags to promote their products and enterprises.


The mention of Customized sustainable tote bags with logos is familiar to the public.

It can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, subways, and streets. Especially in the social atmosphere of a low-carbon society, canvas bags are widely loved by young people because of their environmental protection, naturalness, durability, and other characteristics. Since there is such a large market, many businesses see business opportunities.

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Xiamen Cameo Co. Ltd is a Customized sustainable tote bag factory

Xiamen Cameo Co. Ltd, which produces canvas bags or other cloth bags in many places and can stand out in the grass-covered market, has its own advantages! First, in material selection. All kinds of canvas bags produced by Xiamen Cameo Co. Ltd will use canvas made of natural materials in the market as raw materials. This ensures the durability of the product. Second, in order to ensure the high quality of products, even if the production of canvas bags costs a lot. Xiaomen Cameo Co. Ltd will not cut corners to save money. The product can be cleaned many times without any damage or disconnection. Xiaomen Cameo Co. Ltd is a company that produces canvas bags, enterprise canvas bags, portable canvas bags, gift canvas bags, environment-friendly canvas bags, closed canvas bags, and advertising canvas bags. The logo can be customized and printed, with guaranteed quality and a cheap price. Welcome to call!


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