Customized Cotton Canvas gift Bag with Leather Straps
Cotton tote bags

Customized Cotton Canvas gift Bag with Leather Straps

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Customized unique gift canvas bag for customers? This pure cotton tote with leather strap is very suitable for you. Click to view
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As the saying goes, cheap is no good. The pursuit of a cheap and low budget will not only fail to achieve the effect of gifts but also can not add color to the company's brand. Because the eyes of customers or employees are bright, it is easy to see if they are beautiful or crude. They only have inferior handbags: throw them in a corner and don't mention them!

The general non-industry people look at a handbag, almost the same. In fact, there is a big difference:

white Canvas Bag With Leather Strapswhite canvas tote with leather strap

1 The difference in fabric accessories of canvas gift bags.

Some are good pure materials, and some are recycled materials (recycled garbage, or cloth made from purchased debris). Some recycled materials are not only environmentally friendly but also toxic.

2 Differences in zippers and accessories of canvas gift bags.

Good hardware accessories can be used for a long time with little change in luster. Some are discolored or directly rotted and cracked after being placed for half a year.

3 The difference in canvas gift bag structure.

The qualified gift bag has a proper width-to-width ratio, a reasonable structure, and a suitable handle. It is straightforward to use.

4 Differences in workmanship and details of canvas gift bags.

Good handbag, meticulous workmanship, dense stitches, straight car. This is to ensure the basic firmness and beauty of the bag. The details shall be treated reasonably without exposing the cloth stubble, and the joint shall be treated beautifully.

5、 Canvas gift bag shape and appearance.


A good handbag must have a high appearance, with upright corners, horizontal and vertical. The arc is regular and the curve is beautiful.


Customized Cotton Canvas gift Bag with Leather Straps

Customized Cotton Canvas gift Bag with Leather StrapsOptional Strap Tote Bags for Women 

The canvas gift bag shown in the figure can be printed in full print on the front, with lines arranged in parallel and repeated, bringing a powerful formal beauty. The contrast between black and white is neat and unrestrained. Rich artistic and professional atmosphere, in line with the temperament of the customer's planning institute.

This canvas gift bag is equipped with PU handles and shoulder straps. The improvement and contrast of materials make the canvas gift bag richer and more personalized. PU handles with rivet elements, one for decoration and the other for reinforcement. The round rivet shape makes the handbag look lively.

Canvas gift bag

It is an environment-friendly product born to replace disposable plastic bags

in recent years

More and more people

Start to pay attention to the concept of environmental protection

Focus on climate change

And the impact of the carbon footprint on the earth

With this change

Canvas handbags are also becoming popular

white Cotton Canvas gift Bag with Leather StrapsCotton Canvas gift Bag with Leather Strapsblack Cotton Canvas gift Bag with Leather Straps


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