Custom printed cotton canvas bag with logo - corporate gift
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Custom printed cotton canvas bag with logo - corporate gift

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Customized printed canvas bags are more environmentally friendly

Beautiful and practical, green and environment-friendly,

The advertising printing area is large and the use frequency is high,

Improve the cultural taste of enterprises, deepen the image of gift-giving enterprises,

It can awaken the good memory of the recipient,

Achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Customized digital printed canvas bag for enterprise promotion

Custom printed canvas bags can be recycled

Washable and reusable,

It can greatly reduce the use of disposable plastic bags,

The phenomenon of using and discarding.

Customized digital printed canvas bags finished product display

Customized printed canvas bags are the best gift for enterprises

As a corporate gift,

Print the company logo, address

Telephone, QR code, and other company information,

It is a highly memorable gift to enterprise customers.

In business communication, enterprises give gifts with enterprise logos or enterprise information to each other, which is not only the expression of etiquette but also the expression of enterprise image and strength. It will constantly strengthen the impression of enterprises in the minds of consumers and will bring potential cooperation opportunities to enterprises.

Because of its own characteristics, it is easy for many companies and brands to use it as a medium for product promotion. The company's brand logo, promotional statements, product introductions, etc. are printed on canvas bags and distributed to consumers or potential consumers in various ways.

Design your own printed canvas bag

Customized printed canvas bag is highly publicized

The biggest cost is the fabric and printing process,

Our factory's canvas bags are customized,

The printing content is made of environment-friendly ink,

Perfect printing effect,

To better promote and publicize the corporate image;

Take large outdoor media as an example. It costs tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for advertising, but its advertising does not have mobility. If it does not often reach the advertising location, it will not have a good publicity effect. However, environmental bags and handbags make our advertising products flow in the streets with cheap and mobile characteristics, and the publicity effect is timely and lasting. A beautiful handbag can achieve your advertising effect with only a few yuan and even flow to counties or other places.

When people go to the morning market or go to the market to pack things, it really does promote the enterprise. Therefore, it is recommended to use advertising bags, which can print a lot of promotional information. It is equivalent to putting small leaflets on the bags so that customers can easily accept them without discarding them. In use, it can deepen their impression of the enterprise, which is better than other carriers. Let customers pay attention to your information in use. It will last for a long time, and the brand effect will naturally form. The key is the low cost of non-woven bags.

Let canvas bags pass through our life with everyone's living habits in daily life, making it convenient for people to live while silently doing brand marketing.

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