Custom creative canvas bag - Duck butt bag - Mask canvas bag
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Custom creative canvas bag - Duck butt bag - Mask canvas bag

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Creative canvas bag factory, customized personalized canvas bag. Wholesale all kinds of online red bags: Mask bags, duck butt bags
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Customized creative canvas bag precautions:

Any creative canvas bag, as long as there are no mistakes in the following elements, this canvas bag is a canvas bag with fine workmanship and reliable quality.

Custom creative canvas bag strap:

it is an integral part of the bag and the most vulnerable part. Check whether the strap is sewn or cracked and whether the strap is firmly connected with the bag body. All kinds of bags should pay attention to the straps, and backpackers will pay more attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the straps, so they should pay special attention when selecting.
The surface of the customized creative canvas bag: is flat and smooth, without seams outside the design, with no bubbles, and no exposed rough edges.

Customize the thread of creative canvas bags:

no matter whether the bag is sewn with open or dark thread, the length of the stitches should be uniform, and there is no thread head exposed. Pay attention to whether there is no wrinkle in the sewing and whether the thread has reached the end. See if the place where the thread head will cause the bag to crack.

Custom creative canvas bag lining:

no matter whether textiles or leather products are selected, the color should be coordinated with the bag surface. There are many seams in the lining. The stitches should be fine and should not be too large.
Customized creative canvas bag selected hardware: as the external decoration of the bag, it can make the finishing point. When selecting a package, pay attention to the shape and workmanship of the hardware. If the hardware is golden, you must consult whether it is easy to fade. You should pay attention to cases and bags with handles such as cosmetic cases.

Customize the glue selected for the creative canvas bag:

when selecting the bag, pull the parts to see if the glue is firm. In particular, some fashionable bags will attract attention because of their beautiful style and excellent ornaments. However, they will lose their characteristics if these ornaments are not firmly joined.

Custom creative canvas bag selected zipper:

check whether the surrounding line is tight and whether the connection with the bag is natural. In particular, some essential bags, cosmetic bags, and other bags that store hard things should be paid more attention to.
Buttons for customized creative canvas bags: although it is an inconspicuous accessory, it is easier to replace than a zipper, so you should pay more attention to the selection, and pay attention to the practicality of the buckle.

Wholesale duck butt canvas bag:

This bag is very cute and creative. It is very suitable for young people's taste.
Wholesale duck butt canvas bag
Duck butt canvas bag with small tail
Custom made duck butt canvas bags of different colors
Duck butt canvas bag interior display

Wholesale mask shape fashion tote bags:

This mask canvas bag is very fashionable and popular with young people. Welcome to customize wholesale.

Customized mask canvas bag
Wholesale mask canvas bag

Custom black mask canvas bag


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