Wholesale custom high-end canvas wine bag manufacturer
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Wholesale custom high-end canvas wine bag manufacturer

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Xiamen Cameo customized cloth bag manufacturer. mainly sells various environmental protection bags, canvas bags, promotional bags, Red wine bag
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Custom promotional canvas wine bag

Product brand: Xiamen Cameo
Product Name: Canvas red wine bag
Product material: Canvas
Fabric color: Custom
Fabric weight: 100g (size can be customized)
Product specification: 18cm * 35cm * 18cm
Product workmanship: sewing
Printing process: screen printing, digital printing
Price Description: due to the price fluctuation of raw materials of canvas eco-friendly bags, size adjustment, printing content difference, workmanship style, packaging difference, order quantity, etc., the cost will change and the price will be different. Welcome to Xiamen Cameo for accurate information, thank you!
Wholesale high-end red wine bags
Red wine bag custom logoCustom red wine bag with logoHigh end red wine has a large volume
High end red wine bag

Quality of customized wine bags

The sales volume of a product depends on its own quality on the one hand, and on its packaging bag on the other. The refined and fashionable canvas packaging bag can well attract the attention of consumers and thus guide consumers to pay attention to the product. Therefore, the packaging bag of a product must be persuasive and marketing. Canvas packaging bags and canvas red wine bags are custom-made in Xiamen Cameo bag manufacturer. They are made of 100g canvas. There are compartments inside, which can hold four bottles (customized capacity) of wine. The workmanship is exquisite and the load-bearing capacity is good; The bag body is printed with the product logo and promotional graphics, which is clear and beautiful. It can play a good role in brand promotion during use, thus improving the sales volume of wine.

Custom promotional canvas wine bag factory introduction

Xiamen Cameo customized cloth bag manufacturer. Xiamen Cameo mainly sells various environmental protection bags, canvas bags, Oxford cloth bags, promotional bags, ecological bags and other environmental protection products, which can be used for enterprise publicity, product packaging, advertising promotion, gifts and gifts. It is durable, economical, durable, with long advertising effect, good quality and low price, convenient and practical, and convenient to carry. It can be used as advertising materials without losing practical value, It is the choice of all units and enterprises to promote products and advertisements. Welcome customers with needs to call us for consultation and customization. The direct sales volume of manufacturers is large.

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