PInk paper pouch is made of Dupont Paper,Other material clutch bags
Other material clutch bags

PInk paper pouch is made of Dupont Paper

Item No.: 00383
Custom 100% cotton Digital printed canvas Money Pouch. Factory wholesale price is cheap, welcome to consult.
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Dupont paper is a very practical and environmentally friendly material that plays an important role in many small packaging use scenarios.First of all, DuPont paper pouch have a wide range of applications in food packaging.This dupont paper pouch  has good moisture resistanceDupont paper has good physical and chemical propertieDupont paper has good flexibility and breathability, and can be easily carried and used.Dupont paper pouch  are used in a wide variety of applications in food, medicine and personal care products. It has good moisture-proof, anti-oxygen, anti-light and anti-pollution properties, which can effectively protect the quality and integrity of products. In addition, DuPont paper is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled to reduce its impact on the environment. Therefore, choosing DuPont paper packets is a wise choice that not only protects the product, but also protects the environment.


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