Canvas grocery bag | Best reusable 100% cotton customized
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Canvas grocery bag | Best reusable 100% cotton customized

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Customize your own reusable canvas grocery bag at an ultra-low price. It can be brushed and dried. It is very strong.
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Advantages of canvas grocery bags:

A big reason why canvas grocery bags replace plastic bags is that they are environmentally friendly and durable.

At the same time, canvas grocery bags also have strong creativity, which can become peripheral products of brand publicity.

Canvas grocery bags are green and environmentally friendly

Advocating for green and environmental protection is the concept that people are more respected at present, and it is precise because of this concept that canvas grocery bags are gradually known by people.

Using canvas environmental protection bags can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags, greatly reduce white pollution, and make the "white pollution" of the earth a little less.

Canvas grocery bags are strong and durable

The canvas grocery bag is relatively strong in the process of use, so it is not easy to damage and crack the cloth,

At the same time, it is small and portable, thick and durable, washable and recyclable. It is the best partner for going out to buy vegetables or for daily use~

customized reusable canvas grocery bag :


•       Main material: Canvas
•       Material: 100% cotton
•       Origin: Chinese Mainland
•       Province: Fujian
•       City: Xiamen
•       Popular elements: solid
•       Color classification: all colors can be customized
•       Collapsible: Yes
•       Applicable scenarios: available in all scenarios
•       Applicable to: the public
•       Size: all sizes can be customized
•       Manual: Yes
•       Gender: all applicable
•       Trademark: customized
reusable canvas grocery bag size selection

 customized canvas grocery bag properties:

Fabric thickness: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 ounces
Size Customized as required
Is it a canvas bag factory? Yes

 White 100% cotton reusable canvas groceriy bag


Printing process:
screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing
Customization purpose: educational institutions, conference customization, tourist souvenirs, business customization, science and technology industry, public welfare industry, food industry, Financial industry, department store industry, personalized customization, etc.
Custom cotton Canvas groceriy bag case presentation

The difference between the washing and maintenance of our canvas grocery bag and the common canvas grocery bag in the market:


Canvas grocery bag from other families:

1. It is recommended to wash the canvas bag with water. Try not to wash it with other items. Do not use washing products containing bleaching ingredients.
2 if there are no stubborn stains such as oil stains, please reduce the number of washing supplies as much as possible.
3 please do not use a brush to brush, as it will damage the cloth and printing patterns.
4. It is recommended to dry with natural ventilation, lay it flat and hang it directly, and not expose it to the sun. Do not iron, wring or dry it with hot air.

Our Canvas grocery bag:

It can be brushed, ironed, wrung, and dried with hot air.
Do you know why? Because the canvas fabric we use is the best. The yarn structure is strong, smooth, and without knots.
At the same time, the printing should be solid, so our color fastness can reach grades 3 to 4 both dry rubbing and wet rubbing.
reusable canvas grocery bag other customizable services

Canvas grocery bag factory staff work video


About canvas grocery bag chromatic aberration

All the pictures are taken by us in kind. Our professional photographers will try their best to show you the real effect. However, due to the different display effects of different computer monitors, there may be subtle color differences. Please refer to the received in kind. Hope to understand.
Customize your canvas bag shopping bag
New personalized and exclusive customization, more care about your brand image and creative design.

Animated figures are printed on canvas grocery bagYou can print the image you want on the canvas grocery bag
Men's canvas grocery bag, printed with patterns suitable for men
Women's canvas grocery bag, printed with patterns suitable for men
Children's canvas grocery bag, printed with little boy's pattern.
Girl's canvas grocery bag

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