CUSTOM ART-2022 new approach How to clean the Promotional Tote Bags?
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2022 new approach How to clean the Promotional Tote Bags?

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Update time : 2022-06-28 10:46:25

Promotional Tote Bags this kind of bag is very durable and versatile.

It is mainly made of coarse linen, so it feels hard.
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The Promotional Tote Bags will be a little dirty after some time. In particular, the white Promotional Tote Bags is easy turn yellow. Although the Promotional Tote Bags does not need to be cleaned frequently, it is better to wash them if it is dirty.

How to clean the Promotional Tote Bags?

Do you want to wash the new Promotional Tote Bags?

The new Promotional Tote Bags can be washed or not, but it's better to wash them. During the first cleaning of the new bag, to prolong the service life of the Promotional Tote Bags, you can first add a small amount of salt to the water, then soak it in the water for some time, and then wait half an hour to clean it according to the conventional method. This cleaning method can effectively prevent the Promotional Tote Bags from fading.
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The Promotional Tote Bags is made of canvas, so please pay attention to the high water temperature when washing. It is better to control the water temperature below 30 ℃. If the water temperature is too high, the Promotional Tote Bags will soften like a towel, resulting in slight deformation of the bag appearance.
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How to clean Promotional Tote Bags

1. water + detergent cleaning wash Promotional Tote Bags

White Promotional Tote Bags is very fashionable, versatile, and beautiful. It is also the best choice for many people. If the Promotional Tote Bags is not particularly dirty, just use water + detergent to clean them. Soak the white Promotional Tote Bags in clean water, add an appropriate amount of washing powder and knead it for cleaning.

2. lemon juice wash Promotional Tote Bags

The whitening effect of lemon is very good. Usually, many friends will choose to drink lemon juice to whiten their skin. Lemon juice can not only be drunk but also used to clean white Promotional Tote Bags! If the white Promotional Tote Bags turns yellow, you can add lemon juice and soak it for a while before washing, which will produce a good yellowing effect.

3. orange peel water wash promotional Tote bags

Orange peel also has an excellent whitening effect like lemon. After the white Promotional Tote Bags becomes dirty, they can be soaked in orange peel. When the orange peel water thickens, remove it and throw it away. After that, wash the white Promotional Tote Bags directly with orange peel water to make the Promotional Tote Bags white when it is purchased for the first time.
How to wash the Promotional Tote Bags without deformation.

If the cleaning method is incorrect, it is easy to deform the Promotional Tote Bags, so be careful when cleaning. Usually, you can use a soft brush to remove dust from the bag. When cleaning, it can be cleaned with soap. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, they can be gently wiped with a soft brush. When cleaning, do not immerse the Promotional Tote Bags in water for a long time, but wash and dry it immediately. If there are leather parts, do not immerse them in water and wipe them gently with a damp cloth.

When drying, turn the Promotional Tote Bags upside down and dry them on the opposite side. Clamp the bottom of the Promotional Tote Bags with a clip, and then hang it upside down to dry, so that the bag is not easy to deform. When drying, it should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, not in the sun.
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