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How can I make digital prints on cotton canvas tote bags

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Author : xmcameo
Update time : 2023-07-04 17:22:24

Do you want to make high quality digital prints on cotton tote bags? This can be a tricky task but, in recent years, with the development of technology, it is possible. When printing canvas tote bags with digital technology, you must have a direct-jet printer as well as a color fixer and a high-quality cotton canvas material. In this blog post, we will discuss how to make sure the print quality on cotton tote bags by choosing the right fabric, selecting a reliable printer, and following some basic printing skills. So, if you want your bespoke printed tote bags to look more professional and durable, read on!


Key Factors for High Quality Digital Printing


In today's digital age, the quality of printed materials can make or break a business. High-quality digital printing can enhance a company's brand image, improve communication with customers, and ultimately drive sales. So, what are the key factors that make for top-notch digital printing? First, high-resolution images and graphics are essential. Secondly, the color fixation of the cloth surface before printing and the use of the correct ink can affect the final printed results. The third point, the most critical link is the color mixing, how to accurately mix the colors required by customers? This requires years of printing master color mixing experience. Usually, we will adjust three relatively similar shades at one time, so that customers can pick, so as to save time and courier costs, so that orders can be produced quickly. Finally, in the printing process must be fixed using the same direct-jet printer, which machine to play the sample, the large goods must be printed with which a machine, so that the color error will be relatively small.


How do we ensure the quality of digitally printed cotton tote bags


We deeply know that quality is the life of a business, and to ensure that every digitally printed tootsie bag meets our high standards before it is shipped to our customers. From the selection of the cotton fabric to the printing process itself, Custom&Art's professional team carefully checks every step and detail to ensure that the final product has a color that will not wash out, is bright, durable, recyclable, and natural. We are proud to provide our customers with sustainable, natural and eco-friendly personalized tote bags and souvenir bags. So whether you use them for grocery shopping, books, or out shopping, you can rest assured that our tote bags will meet your daily needs.

Our digitally printed cotton tote bags require no special care

Cotton tote bags have always been a popular choice for carrying everyday items like groceries or books. However, with the rise of digital printing technology, these eco-friendly bags are now available in vibrant, customizable designs. But with all this comes the question of how to wash and care for them. Most digitally printed bag manufacturers will tell you that digitally printed tote bags require special care not to be rinsed, machine washed, rubbed to keep their colors from fading or breaking, and only gently wiped. However, if properly cared for, your digitally printed cotton tote bag will last for years, making it a sustainable and stylish addition to your everyday life. Here, CUSTOM &ART brand would like to inform you that not all digitally printed tote bags need careful care. The mission of digitally printed tote bags is to add color and beauty to our lives and to help advertisers expand their business opportunities.

Therefore, after nearly 10 years of research and development, we have finally solved the problem of color fastness of digital printing, and now all of our bags can be washed at will, no color loss, no fading, and color fastness of 4-5 grade.


We at CUSTOM &ART ensure that only high quality materials are used to ensure long lasting and beautiful results. In addition, we offer our customers a wide selection of durable printing techniques and innovative inks to personalize their products. If you are looking for something more unique, you can also provide us with your own custom artwork to create something one-of-a-kind. If you have any questions or queries about our digitally printed cotton tote bags, please contact us today.


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