Where to find handbag OEM in 2022?
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Where to find handbag OEM in 2022?

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Update time : 2022-05-16 17:15:07

Where to find handbag OEM in 2022?

Handbags are very fashionable now. In recent years, with the wide use of digital printing, handbags are no longer only innovative in the texture of leather materials, and digital printing on leather materials has also become a major development trend, and major brands have also used this technology.

Our company has created another route, using cotton canvas, microfiber, or silk as the main fabric, digital personalized printing, with exquisite sewing technology, at the same time using leather as decoration, using the works of different artists, painters and even individuals The photos make the whole bag full of commemorative meaning and collection value, and our bag is also more distinctive, both stylish and valuable. as the picture shows.

The cartoon pattern is printed on the handbag

At present, our handbags are very popular among major museums, artists, and designers. Most of the products are sold to European and American countries.

Why buy handbags?

Handbags are a must-have for office workers when they go out. Not only are women favored, but they are also standard for successful men. There are many styles and shapes of handbags, most of which are made of genuine leather or leather as the main material with fine workmanship. There are many famous handbag brands in the world, such as LV, Hermes, Givenchy, Chanel, Guan Chi, Gucci, Prada, etc. Every major international brand leads the fashion and trend, which shows that the handbag has a wide range of applications.

Why choose us to buy handbags?

The production process of our digitally printed handbags is complex, which is more complicated than traditional leather handbags. The printing process has strict requirements on the fabric, and the printing process has very strict requirements on the color of the pattern. After the printing is completed, we need to rely on manual cutting into the pieces we need and fit them together, and then use the craftsmanship of making leather goods to sew them up, and hand glue. It is not easy.

Printing process display of printed handbag

Can I wash my handbag?

It depends on the process you customize. As a factory, all processes can be produced,

If it is screen printing washing, you need to pay attention to it.

And it has something to do with the process you need to customize,

It is recommended not to wash the leather bag, but to wipe it.

Can we carry handbags on the plane?

We should judge this according to the regulations of the airline,

For example, in some airlines, each passenger can carry small carry-on baggage (the maximum size is 45 x 36 x 20 cm) on board when traveling on easyJet, and there is no weight limit. It includes a trolley, suitcase, handbag, rucksack, and laptop bag. There is no weight limit for small carry-on luggage. If there are exceptions, please consult the local airline.

You can refer to the baggage allowance of easyJet airlines

There is a very authoritative explanation

Why is a handbag important?

In addition to practicality, handbags are also a fashion leader.

Besides clothes, what girls like to buy most is handbags. I think girls should wear a handbag when going out because we have too many things to bring. It doesn't look good to hold it in our hands or put it in our pockets. Moreover, handbags can also add a fashion index to our modeling.

So the customized handbag can be given to your customers to make them remember you. It can also be customized as a souvenir so that your customers can buy your souvenir handbag when they come here.

Custom tourist souvenir handbag tourist attractions printed on it

Robin has also talked about why handbags are so important now.

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