How to wash the rust on the white canvas bag| supplier
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How to wash the rust on the white canvas bag| supplier

We all use white canvas bags when we go out, large and small, of various materials, and there are also white canvas bags suitable for different occasions. Sometimes the backpack will inevitably rub against some dirty things outside. Some stains are insoluble in water and are not easy to clean, such as rust, oil stains, and so on. How can the rust on the bag be removed better?
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How to wash the rust on the white canvas bag?

1. Add some salt to the fresh lemon juice, stir it evenly, and then immerse the rusty items in it. After 30 minutes, take it out and brush it with a brush, and the rust is removed. The citric acid in lemon juice is highly soluble in water. Its aqueous solution is a strong organic acid, which will react with iron oxide, which constitutes rust, to achieve the purpose of rust removal. If you don't want to add salt, you can squeeze a little toothpaste.

2. After pressing vitamin C into powder, scrub the wet rust surface.

3. First, cover the rust with salt, then soak it in white vinegar for an hour, and then wash it as usual.
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How do remove the rust on the leather accessories of the canvas bag?

The rust on the canvas bag can be directly scraped off with sandpaper, but some materials such as leather will be easily damaged. At this time, you can use coke to wipe it. The stearic acid in a coke can remove the rust. If the material of the bag can absorb water, you can soak it in coke first and then wipe it with a cloth, as long as it is soluble acid. In addition, organic acids such as theanine in tea can also react with rust, which can have the effect of rust removal. You can also scrub your baby with toothpaste, water for boiling spinach, vinegar, etc., which can remove rust quickly.
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White canvas bag hand washing step

1 You can clean up some visible garbage inside the white canvas bag first, and don't forget the side bag or small compartment.

2. The accessories of the white canvas bag can be cleaned separately, and the belt should be specially cleaned with a small amount of detergent or soap.

3. When wiping with detergent, do not use too much force, or use a brush or similar objects. If it is very dirty, you can wash it with high-pressure water or use something with adsorption to deal with it.

4. Gently wipe the zipper and other small areas of the backpack with a cotton swab or small toothbrush.

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