Canvas bag suppliers tell you why canvas bags are popular?
By TomLi | 22 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Canvas bag suppliers tell you why canvas bags are popular?

1.Canvas bag environmental protection

Canvas bag is relatively environmentally friendly, naturally degradable, high cost and difficult to implement, but its durability and firmness are much higher than non-woven bag, and its performance is very high.
As a bag, canvas bag is really welcomed by many people, especially the fashion pet of young men and women.
Custom canvas bag can hold a lot of things and is convenient to go out

2.Good material for canvas bag

Canvas is a kind of thick cotton fabric or linen fabric. It was first named sailing boat. Generally, plain weave is used, a small amount of twill weave is used, and multi strand yarn is used for warp and weft yarns.
Canvas is usually divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas.
Coarse canvas is also called canopy cloth, It is commonly used for weaving No. 58 (4-7 strands) threads. The fabric is strong, folding resistant and waterproof.
It is used to cover automobile transportation, open warehouses and tents in the field.
Fine canvas warp and weft yarns are generally 2 strands No. 58 to 6 strands No. 28, which are used to make labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing, they can also be used as shoes.
Travel bags are canvas bags, backpacks and other fabrics. In addition, there are rubber canvas, fire and radiation shielding canvas and paper machine canvas.
Nice printed canvas bag is especially suitable for girls

3. The material of canvas bag is as natural as that of cotton bag.

Their ingredients are actually the same. They are all pure natural cotton, twisted into yarn of different thickness, and then made into different canvas according to the thickness requirements of the canvas.
The main cost of environmental protection canvas bags is fabric. Some canvas bags use environmental protection ink, which can also be called environmental protection bags here.
The canvas bag is strong and durable. It should be noted that the fabric of the environmental protection canvas bag has not been damaged after two years of use, but some parts may be opened.
Therefore, the manufacturer with exquisite technology uses some nylon wires to drive the car on the assembly line, which is relatively firm.
However, the nylon wires are difficult to drive, the efficiency is relatively low, and the cost will be relatively high. The fabric of canvas environmental protection bag is woven structure, and most of the cloth surface is smooth. If it is digital printing, the imaging effect is three-dimensional.
The canvas bag is easy to clean and will be a little deformed after cleaning, because the pure cotton will shrink but will not affect the use of functions.
Cotton cloth bags are usually made of thin cotton plain cloth, which is usually thin and not as thick as canvas. They are often used to make bundles of bags and so on.
The scope of use of cotton cloth bags is relatively small.
Fashionable canvas bag is especially suitable for girls

4. Canvas bags give people a feeling of freedom, freedom and comfort.

It has a small and fresh literary and artistic style, which is very suitable for use as a shopping bag. Simple style, no unnecessary complex colors to show its simple but not simple style.
Whether traveling, shopping or working, this simple canvas bag is a good choice.
The company customized canvas bag to print its own advertising language

5. Custom canvas bags are more artistic

The canvas bag is printed and dyed with popular illustrations, which makes the canvas bag have an artistic style.
Various illustrations show different tastes, or you can doodle their favorite group on the canvas bag. A new canvas bag comes out, and it feels good to experience the handmade feeling

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