Can cotton canvas bags be digitally printed?
By TomLi | 12 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Can cotton canvas bags be digitally printed?

Can all-cotton canvas bags be digitally printed? How to print it?

With the development of science and technology, digital printing has been widely used in the textile industry. Its scale is larger and larger, and the printing process is more and more diversified. There are direct inkjet printing, transfer printing, and sublimation printing. Different fabric components determine different printing processes. Cotton and silk fabrics are suitable for direct printing, and large quantities of polyester fabrics are suitable for sublimation printing, Transfer printing is suitable for local pad printing of cutting pieces with a small printing area. At present, digital printing also has obvious shortcomings, that is, plant fibers can not be printed, so many people are asking, can all-cotton canvas bags be digitally printed? How to print it?

Let me talk about my views on the digital printing of cotton canvas bags:

Pure cotton fiber has strong alkali resistance and cannot be combined with traditional dispersive ink. So the choice of ink is also very important. If the dispersive ink is used, it will make the cotton fiber tissue not absorb color, the pure cotton canvas can not be colored, the color is dim, the color fastness is very low, and the color will fade after washing.
100% cotton canvas bag after digital printing

Then how to print the digital printing cotton canvas bag?

I think there are two ways, one is to use active ink, and the other is to change the printing and dyeing process, which can help us print digital printing on cotton canvas bags. In particular, pure cotton has strong alkali resistance, but it is not acid-resistant. From this point of view, we know that we can use acid ink. Of course, silk fabrics can also be used. Another point is that we can also use active ink to replace dispersed ink, so that plant fibers and ink react chemically to form covalent, color-pure cotton. At present, paint ink is commonly used in the market. Its printing effect is not ideal, its color is dim, its color fastness is poor, it is not washable, and its color fading is serious. But the cost is relatively low.

Another way is to change the printing and dyeing process. Before printing, the opposite side is starched, then directly sprayed, then fixed, and then shaped. The whole process is much more complex. However, the color is bright, and the color fastness is good. You can wash it with water or hand at will.

Second: in terms of printing technology, most polyester fabrics first print the pattern on paper, and then transfer it to the fabric at high temperatures. But this does not meet the requirements of the pure cotton printing process. When printing pure cotton canvas bags, we use pattern design - direct inkjet - solid color - drying - shaping - finished products. Among them, direct injection and color fixation are inseparable, which is also the core technology of an enterprise.

The clarity and color fastness of the finished product will be directly affected if the direct spraying and fixation are not done well! Each company has different treatment methods for color fixing, including surface spraying of color fixing agents, coating, baking, and other methods. Each company shows its capabilities, which is also the core competitiveness of each company.

Third, in terms of printing methods, it can be divided into cutting printing and whole piece printing. At present, most of the digital printing on the market is cutting printing, which cuts the canvas bag to be finished into the required size and area, and then prints. This kind of printing cost is relatively low and the production operation is relatively convenient. It can be cut by the machine and then printed. Another way is full roll printing.

This printing scrap rate is very high. The parts on the left and right sides of the cutting piece that is not cut can only be discarded. Moreover, manual cutting is required after printing, and the labor cost will be relatively high. Therefore, the price of finished canvas bags will also be relatively high. However, the canvas quality of this whole roll of printing is generally made of the best cotton cloth to avoid sticking color, discoloration, and other effects of the shadow fabric during the printing process.
Workers are cutting digital printed canvas bags

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