What is the best printing process for customized canvas bags?
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What is the best printing process for customized canvas bags?

Frequently asked by small partners:
What kind of printing process is the best?
Customized exquisite canvas bag case display
Tom Li will show his friends about it,
Several common printing processes for bags,
See which is the best for us.
Common bag printing process,
See which is the best for us.
Common bag printing process,
There are the following:


1. Screen printing process:

Screen printed canvas bag is a common printing method with moderate price, so this process is often used. Now the process is very mature and cost-effective. This printing method uses the logo document to make a film, and then uses the film to sun the screen. After drying, the screen is made into a printing plate, which can be printed.
(as shown in the following figure: the content and color are simple, which is most suitable for silk screen printing.)
Canvas bag with simple content and color is suitable for silk screen printing process
Screen printing is very important when printing. If the printing is not done well, the printing effect will be very poor and there will be rough edges. Silk screen printing can be divided into manual silk screen printing and machine silk screen printing. It is a more traditional printing method.


2. Digital printing

All cotton digital printing canvas bag is directly printed on the canvas fabric. After printing, the canvas will not harden, feel soft, and the surface is flat. There is no need to make plates. It is convenient to modify the drawings. It only needs to be modified on the computer.
(as shown in the following figure: rich colors, large area, suitable for digital color printing)
Colorful canvas bag suitable for digital color printing
Advantages of digital printing: exquisite printing, rich sense of hierarchy, comparable to photos, high-temperature color fixation, washing, long-term friction without fading.


3. Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing canvas bag is a kind of special printing in printing. At present, it is a very mature printing process, which is applicable to almost all fabrics;
(as shown in the following figure: those with rich colors, gradients and high requirements for color saturation are suitable for heat transfer printing.)
Canvas bags with very high requirements for color saturation are suitable for heat transfer printing process.
This method requires an intermediate medium, that is, the picture and text are first printed on the heat transfer film or heat transfer paper, and then the pattern is transferred to the cloth by heating the transfer equipment. The utility model has the advantages that the printing is exquisite, there are rich hierarchical editions, which can be comparable to the original photo, and is suitable for printing complex color images in small areas.


4. Computer embroidery

Embroidery is an early technology. After all, the ancients began to embroider on clothes or handkerchiefs. Now it is a natural trend to apply it to packaging products. In the early days, manual embroidery was mainly used. With the development of society, embroidery machines are now basically used for embroidery. Machine embroidery can replace most manual processes. It has more stable quality and high efficiency than manual embroidery, and greatly improves the cost control and mass production of manufacturers.
 Computer embroidered canvas bag with exquisite workmanship
Computer embroidery, also known as embroidery, is an art of embroidering patterns and words on any existing fabric with needle and thread. Embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts. The advantage is that the embroidery effect has a strong three-dimensional sense and good gloss. It is generally used on high-end bag products. Embroidery is a relatively high-end embodiment, which will improve the texture and grade of products!
Embroidery display on embroidered canvas bag


5. Reactive printing

Reactive printing needs to make a roller printing plate first, and then print the cloth directly on the printing machine.
Active printing canvas bag with exquisite printing and bright colors
Disadvantages of reactive printing: the plate making cost of reactive printing is high, which is suitable for large quantities of orders.

Advantages: it has exquisite printing, rich layers and bright colors, which can be comparable to the original pattern. It is directly printed on the cloth, with stronger color fastness and no fading after washing.

6.Bronzing and silver stamping

Bronzing process is to use the principle of hot press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in electrochemical aluminum to the substrate surface to form a special metal effect. Bronzing is a general term for a process. Bronzing does not mean that the bronzing paper is gold. There are many kinds of bronzing paper materials, including gold, silver, laser gold, laser silver, black, red, green and so on.
Bronzing process canvas bag with full color and clean surface
In all printing processes, the effect of printing gold and silver is not very ideal. It doesn't look very bright and the color is dark. That is, the color is not full and rich enough, and the surface will be uneven.
The emergence of the bronzing process has solved this problem. The gold and silver that are ironed out are very bright, full of color, and the surface is very clean.


7. Tie dyeing process

Tie dyeing, known as tie dyeing, twist dyeing, clip dyeing and dye dyeing in ancient times, is a traditional and unique Chinese folk dyeing process and one of the traditional Chinese manual dyeing techniques.
Tie dyeing is a kind of printing method in which the cloth is bound with thread or rope in various ways according to the effect of the design pattern, and then put into the dye solution. The binding part can not penetrate the dye to form a natural special pattern. Tie dyeing achieves the effect of printing with dyeing method, and because the hand binding method has no reproducibility, there can be no exactly the same tie dyeing jewelry in the world, which is the unique charm of tie dyeing! Tie dyeing has a hazy and flowing style and the beauty of returning to nature. It can better express the images, add artistic charm, and make people feel relaxed and smooth, with unique national characteristics.
Tie dyed bags have a hazy flowing style and a natural beauty
After understanding the above processes,
Do you know which is the best?
What suits our needs is the best!
tell the truth,
Each production process is very good;
The key is,
In combination with the quantity we need
Logo content to be printed
Usage scenario, purpose, budget, etc,
After the above comprehensive consideration,
You can certainly choose the right printing process.
If it is really uncertain,
You can tell me what you want,
We will use more than ten years of experience in customizing bags,
Give partners more rational and professional customized solutions.
The logo can be designed for enterprises for free,
Support drawings and samples, mold opening and customization,
As long as it is the style and information that the enterprise wants,
In our place, bags can be customized.

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