CUSTOM ART-9 questions you should know about custom canvas bags
By Li Tom | 30 May 2022 | 0 Comments

9 questions you should know about custom canvas bags

1、Is the material of canvas bag environmentally friendly?

Many people think that the raw material of canvas production is cotton, which is not environmentally friendly because it needs water resources to cultivate cotton. 
However, compared with the environmental impact caused by people's large-scale use of plastic bags, canvas bags still solve a lot of environmental pollution in many ways.
Plastic bags have brought great harm from the production process to the final use and treatment.
But canvas bags can be reused and can hold five times the weight of plastic bags.
Marine garbage affects more than 800 marine species, and plastics account for about 80% of these wastes. 
Every year, the world discharges 13 million tons of plastic waste into the ocean—— The above data comes from a report of the United Nations.
And many animals will eat plastic by mistake and be trapped by plastic bags.
And a plastic bag takes 10 to 1000 years to completely decompose.
Therefore, replacing plastic bags is the significance of environmental protection of canvas bags.

2、Can the material of canvas bag be biodegradable?

Of course, canvas cloth is taken from nature, so of course it can be degraded.
Canvas bag zipper detail display

3、Is the canvas bag industry sustainable?

For the current serious degree of plastic pollution of the environment is very urgent, 
canvas bags can be used as a good choice to go out:  when shopping, when going to school, etc. 
The application scenarios are very extensive, so the demand is still large.

4.、Can canvas bags be recycled?

Of course, old canvas bags can be recycled. After recycling, they can be made into many things, but it depends on the quality of the recycled canvas.
Canvas bag upper body display

5、Is canvas material a good choice for making bags?

Canvas bag is more durable, but it is easy to leave stains. It doesn't feel as good as leather bag.
But from an economic point of view, canvas bags are more economical than leather bags.
Leather bags are easy to leave scratches, canvas bags don't have this problem.
And the canvas bag can be cleaned many times. But leather bags can't.

The service life of leather bags is relatively short, easy to age and often need maintenance.
Therefore, according to the comprehensive, the cost performance of canvas bag is very suitable. And it is suitable to customize their own logo to give customers as a souvenir.
Very fashionable dog canvas bag upper body display

6、How to make custom canvas bags?

You can provide the pictures you want, and we will help you print them.
If you don't have a picture, we can design your own favorite pattern on it, and we will provide you with professional canvas bag design.

7、What are the processes of canvas bag printing

The production of a delicate canvas bag depends on the beauty of the printing process of the pattern in addition to the design of the pattern.
There are four printing processes for canvas bags:
1. Heat transfer printing
2. Screen printing:
3. Thermal sublimation printing
4. Digital printing

8、How long is the service life of canvas bag?

This mainly depends on how to maintain it. Generally, canvas bags can be used repeatedly for a long time.
It takes a long time to use.
Hand model display canvas bag

9、How to maintain the canvas bag?

How to maintain the canvas bag
The daily maintenance of the canvas bag will directly affect the service life of the canvas bag. 
The following links should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance:

1. Dry After the canvas bag is cleaned, it needs to be hung to dry. 

It's best to put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry in the shade to avoid the sun. 
High temperature exposure will also make the canvas bag fade. 
If there is spliced leather on the bag, it will also become hard and brittle after being exposed to the sun, resulting in damage to the bag.

2. Maintenance of metal parts. There are usually metal rings, metal zippers, and some metal decorations such as willow nails on the bag. 

These places should also be well maintained. When cleaning these metal parts, carefully clean and maintain them with a metal wiping detergent. 
When maintaining the zipper, you can apply some white oil on the zipper. 
If there is no white oil, you can use salad oil instead or candle oil. In this way, the zipper will pull well and is not easy to get stuck.

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