How to choose the size of custom canvas bag?
By Li Tom | 21 May 2022 | 0 Comments

How to choose the size of custom canvas bag?

When we customize handbags for customers, we always think about how large handbags should I customize?

The reason why I ask is that the function of handbag is very extensive and convenient.

In fact, we can classify the use of handbags as a reference for choosing the size of handbags.

What must you have in your handbag?

Mobile phones, wallets, cosmetics, hand sanitizers, alcohol, snacks, headphones, keys, laptops, notepads, pens, drinks, Drugs, mirrors, etc.

You can choose his size according to what you want to put in the handbag,

Medium / large handbag

The most common handbag is often selected by people because of its large space and high utilization rate. It can provide a very sufficient space to hold the things you want to put down, and can be used by your customers in multiple scenarios: school, work, bar, travel, flying, etc. it can be found in all scenarios.

While putting down your laptop, it's no problem to put down your wallet and cosmetics.

Let them not forget beauty while enjoying life.

Your customers are walking down the street with handbags printed with your company logo. What a great publicity.

Oversized Tote Bag

This is applicable to the scenarios where your customers need to carry more when traveling or on business. With its company, you can carry more things you need.

It's really nice to wear it when you go on a picnic, and there's room for the picnic mat.

If you go shopping, it's also great to bring this oversized tote bag.

Oversized Tote Bag everyone can fit inSuper large canvas bags are no problem when traveling and moving

Ultra small / small handbag

This kind of handbag, although not very large, is also very practical. It is very suitable for carrying food as a lunch handbag. Eating your own food is a very healthy choice.

But also suitable for children. Children will be very happy when they see their parents holding a big handbag. They can follow them into the campus at ordinary times.

The small canvas bag can carry fruit, and the children also like itSmall canvas bags can carry their own food

Hand bag / zipper bag

People often waste their time by trivial things in life. For example, looking for keys, ID cards, credit cards, lighters, etc.

However, if you give the customer a handbag / zipper bag with logo, which is filled with small things that are easy to lose, you should hold it in the palm of your hand every day and pay attention in real time, which can not only solve the problem of customers' littering, but also promote your company.

If we are in a hurry, we are most afraid of looking for something and turn the handbag upside down without finding it. At this time, we can put the small thing that is easy to lose into the handbag / zipper bag and then put it into the handbag. It's easier to find.

Things that can be put into the zipper bag include: keys, lipstick, mobile phones, lighters, credit cards, money, chewing gum, mobile phones, etc.

Custom zipper bag can be loaded with ID cardCustom zipper bag can hold mobile phone and keyMobile phone canvas bag key canvas bag

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